Keep flying

Ten local artists for Keep Flying

This is kind of old news, the campaign ended 13 August, but we’d like to tell you a bit about it. The ad uses the talents of ten South African artists who had about 20 minutes each to design their piece of the flag. All the illustrations were done on the spot and filmed for the commercial. The artists involved are Alice Walsh, Anthony Maris, Brent Swart, Arline Stoffberg, Danny Romano, Gerhard van Wyk, Hannah Hughes, Joanna Peters, Richard Becker and Ross Drakes.

Other credits go to –
Executive Producer: Erik de Jager
Director: Damian Armstrong
Producer: Leo Smit
Co Producer: Tami Lane
Production Manager: Leyla Baleson
Camera: Rob Malpage
Additional equipment: Glow Hire
Editor: Ryan Lane
Final mix: InJozi
Music composition: Fabian Sing
Voice-over artists: Bonita G, Chilu Lembe, Sofie Chambaku, Carol Ralefeta

Between 10 and 5