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Ogilvy CT with Write on Africa for PBH


Ogilvy Cape Town with Write on Africa are doing some incredible things for Percy Bartley House in Woodstock. Read all about it –

This info comes to you on behalf of Ogilvy Cape Town’s resident charity in the Woodstock area in Cape Town – Percy Bartley House (PBH). When we moved into Woodstock a few years ago we wanted to help uplift the area and therefore adopted PBH as our un-official charity. PBH is an NGO operating out of an old home in the area which looks after troubled teen boys – those involved in petty crime, drugs and have history of living on the streets. The home aims to not only provide a home for the boys but to give them a second chance; whether that’s enrolling them in school or skills training, or teaching them life skills.

This year Ogilvy is collaborating with Ricky Lee Gordon of Write-on-Africa to restore life and colour into the home by providing the home with new coats of colourful paint, sponsored by Servochem,  and wall murals done by talented local well-known graffiti artists and illustrators.

What we also hope to do through this project is raise awareness around the street children epidemic in South Africa. Street children are making up to R 1000 a day and 99 % of the time that money is going towards drugs.  The only way to solve this problem is to educate the public. We need to stop giving irresponsibly and start giving responsibly. This is a chance for us to give responsibly and show our commitment to the development and upliftment of Woodstock. The staff here at Ogilvy are passionate about this project – doing fundraising, donating our own money, furniture etc, painting and even roping in our canteen, Ecco, to contribute to the initiative. The rejuvenation has already started – painting commenced on Friday 10 Sept. Artists and illustrators started with the murals on the following Monday. And it has only just begun.

The high calibre of artists participating in the project include South Africa’s up and coming contemporary artists (fine art and graffiti) and illustrators Ricky-Lee Gordon (Freddy Sam), Michael Tymbios, Alexi McCarthy (Coe one), Faith47, Black Koki, Fuzzy Slipperz, 351073, Xanele van Rensburg and Linsey Levendall.

It’s amazing to see how  through art and colour, the community can be uplifted and inspire youth, in so doing encourage them to make better lives for themselves. Also, there is the opportunity to give the home the publicity it really needs and deserves. The project conveys the power of creativity in helping  and inspiring boys in need. There is a solution to this street children problem that we have in South Africa and the solution lies in us, the public. Once we change our behaviours and stop enabling the problem it gives homes like Percy Bartley House the opportunity to do what they do best.

Contact if you want to get involved.


Video courtesy of Rowan Pybus and Katharina Brinkmann of Makhulu Productions.

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