animal anti-cruelty league

Animal anti-cruelty ad by morrisjones&co


Another anti-cruelty towards animals message for today. This time by morrisjones&co for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

Creative Team:

Executive Creative Director – Angel Jones

Creative Director – Margarita Karvouniaris

Art Director – Bernie da Silva

Copywriter – Michelle Kreuiter

Director – Cindy Lee

Producer – Martina Schieder

Production House – Fresh Eye

About the work:

Animal Abuse is a growing and often neglected concern in South Africa. To highlight this problem, morrisjones&co have developed a new television commercial for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League. The messaging is simple – teach children to respect, now. This commercial is a very simple way to demonstrate a very serious problem without having to resort to shock tactics.

Between 10 and 5