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Seed Sprouting paper invites by Pick n Pay

This is pretty damn cool – we’ve just received our invites to attend the opening of the new Pick n Pay on Nicol (it’s a fancy Pick n Pay basically). And we were prepared for just another normal RSVP invite.. hell no! well, first it is kind of a standard invite, but then you read the bottom section:

This invite is printed on recycled paper embedded with mixed herb seeds. Place paper 1mm under the soil in half sun area. Keep moist while seeds germinate.

That’s pretty damn cool in our books. Kudo’s Pick n Pay (and the agency Young&Rubicam).
EDIT: The agency responsible for the invitation is Kirkpatrick & Associates. It was conceptualized, designed, produced and distributed them, while Y&R are the larger holding agency.

Between 10 and 5