Sketch Assembly tonight


Sketch Assembly is a new educational project which focuses on what artists rarely exhibit: the tests, versions and sketches made on the way towards producing finished products. In this new project in the Hottentots Holland cycle, a group of 30 young artists and designers – called the Sketch Assembly- spent 4 months playfully re-imagining early contacts between ‘Hottentots’ and Dutch youth at the Cape in the 1600s.  No final products were made: only increasingly ambitious sketches, often in the form of elaborately staged photographs.  The Sketch Assembly’s work was carefully based on Dutch merry company prints and paintings from the 1600s, and on the few, rare drawings of the Cape Khoikhoin (‘Hottentots’) that still exist today.  The exhibition shows the many sketches and exploratory processes made by the group, including photographs, drawings, diagrams, costumes, and props.

Opening night: Tuesday 19 October 18:00

Dates: Open on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 October.

Venue: The Michaelis Galleries, on the University of Cape Town Hiddingh Campus (Michaelis), Orange street.

The Sketch Assembly is comprised of the following members:

Paul Ward, Swain Hoogervorst, Penny Youngleson, Angela Nemov, Katryn Beaurain, Jen Bam, Leigh Bishop, Anine Kirsten, Jeanne Fourie, Claudio Massenz, Christiaan Conradie, Warren Papier, Karin Williams, Noël Platts, Claire Watling, Pieter Janse van Rensburg, Alessandro Betti, Morne Visagie, Mbongeni Dlamini, Andrew McNally, Leah Hawker, Inge Jansen, Jody Paulsen, Mikkie-dene Le Roux, Melissa Haiden, Joshua McLean,  Dylanne Powell, Chad Petersen, and Seemaa Allie.

Between 10 and 5