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Audrey 2 Issue 05 out tomorrow.


Audrey 2 has some news –

This Friday sees the release of the fifth issue of Audrey 2, an ostentation parade of quality talents that you’ve come to expect such as Skribl, Says Who, Volcano, Kat Trim and a whole heap more.

But things are gonna be a little different this time.  Audrey 2 is a community magazine. The content is supplied and read by our peers, and up until now the conversation has been pretty much one-sided. So we’re looking to change that by inviting guest judges on each issue to crit the submitted work. Keep in mind that this isn’t anything as prestigious as an official awards, so no metal birds or lions for the winners. Instead you receive the respect of ten’s of people and a crap t-shirt.

The criteria for being a judge is as uncomplicated, he/she has to have featured in a previous issue of Audrey 2 and he/she can’t be shit. So this month we’re bringing you two very unshit judges:
Richard Mulholland
An all-round brilliant ideas man and a presentation rock star, who’s single handedly rewriting the book on corporate presentations. He’s also the founder of Missing Link, the largest presentation firm in SA and co-founder of the ideas company- Thunk! Learn more about the man here.
Dylan Jones aka Theory One
If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably been hiding out with the Chicken Licken family in a bomb shelter. Arguably one of SA’s greatest and most influential illustrators, you’ve seen his work plastered on everything from t-shirts to vodka bottles. Check out some of his work on flickr.

Between 10 and 5