Iceberg spotted in Clifton


  1. I figure ‘Don’t be a passenger’ would be the perfect fit. God help us if it’s for a soft drink…

  2. My guess would be Hunter’s (global cooling?)

  3. pretty sure it’s not Hunter’s

  4. Castle Light maybe?

  5. Meh…. I reckon it’s for Smirnof

  6. “omg that’s genius bru, and we’ll post the videos anonymously to like, YouTube, and all comment on each other’s videos to create hype, and then tweet the shit out of it, and post links on blogs and SEOs and stuff, and it will go viral within days and everyone will be like talking about this iceberg off Camps Bay! This social media viral marketing stuff is awesoomeeee china!!”

  7. and his pithy words!

  8. agree with coda – using your agency or brand team is not a seeding strategy. and a viral is only a viral, when it actually goes viral.