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Smirnoff nightlife exchange project

Interview: Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

Smirnoff nightlife exchange project

In exactly a month’s time on the 27th of November, Smirnoff is planning to pull off quite an ambitious event. A party around the globe, involving 14 countries. We caught up with Adrian Peterson, the Smirnoff Marketing Manager, to find out more.

In a paragraph, what is The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project?

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is an attempt to create a once-in-a lifetime experience on the same night all over the globe. Smirnoff is reaching out to people in fourteen countries to ask them the simple question, “What makes your nightlife the best in the world?” These ideas will be transformed into event experiences and, on November 27, 2010, the fourteen countries will swap nights. Each country will send the best of their nightlife to an exchange country and in return will host a unique and unforgettable event featuring the best of their exchange country’s nightlife.

Why is Smirnoff taking on a project like this?

It is part of the global “Be There” campaign, which demonstrates Smirnoff’s belief that by doing things differently, overturning convention or simply changing one of the ingredients of a night out, you can create something special, something extraordinary – a night you will look back on and be pleased to say “I was there”.  The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is the most audacious example yet, having different countries around the world swap nightlife.

So how does it work – will the nightlife ideas from each country that get the most votes form part of the event experience?

The ideas that get the most votes will be presented to the local curator for consideration. To ensure the event combines the most iconic and exciting elements of nightlife from the different markets and is a memorable one-of-a-kind experience, the curator will have the final say using his expertise to select ideas that deliver a night to remember.

What kind of ideas are you looking for people to suggest?

The ‘best of nightlife’ that will feature in the events will come from in total nine categories that represent the ingredients of a night out (drinks, food, music, venues, fashion, themes & décor, locals only, entertainment and ‘wild card’).  The public will submit and vote for their favorite ideas with the most popular elements being put forward to the curator for consideration.

What kind of talent can people expect to see on the night?

The event on the evening of 27th November will see an exchange of talent between two exchange countries.  The curator will create an unforgettable experience that starts with a warm up performance from a local artist, the evening will peak with a headline performance from the sister city cultural exchange, then warms down with a local act.  There will be an exciting mix of live music, DJs and performance e.g. dancers.

What countries are taking part and which country will they be swapping with?  Do we know who South Africa is swapping with yet?

There are 14 countries taking part: USA, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela.   The exact swaps will be revealed on October 22nd 2010 and that is when we will know who SA is swapping with – watch this space.

Who will act as curators for the events?

The curators are all recognized and respected figures within the nightlife industry in their own countries. They were selected based on their rich knowledge of nightlife in their local country and for having a history of creating or performing at extraordinary event experiences around the world.  The role of the curators is to consider all the suggestions made by consumers from their country, and put together an event concept that represents nightlife there. They will then collaborate with the curator from the partner city to inject some local flavor and ensure that the swap on November 27th is a momentous one.

How can the public get involved in the events?

Up until 21 October people can go online and make suggestions for what makes the ‘best of their nightlife’ via an online participation mechanic hosted on Facebook. They will be able to submit suggestions on nine categories in total: drinks, food, music, venues, fashion, themes & décor, locals only, entertainment and ‘wild card’ (which could be anything at all). It will then be down to a public vote to decide which, of all received submissions, will make it to a shortlist. Consumers will also be able to enter to win the chance to attend the event on 27th November.  Terms and Conditions vary for each country.

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