Tracker true stories campaign

Tracker – True Stories campaign


There isn’t much expected in the advertising world when it comes to vehicle tracking services. It is a grudge purchase for most in South Africa and we would all probably prefer to turn a blind eye to this. But Tracker is more than about just recovering a vehicle. They feel that saving a life and giving someone the opportunity of tomorrow is their core objective.

We have all been affected by crime and Tracker is asking the public to share their true stories on their website The advert that kicked off the campaign focuses on the story of one women. The commercial tells the story of her life backwards from age 85 to small baby. The ad was shot exclusively through the backseats of numerous vehicles that have carried her through the decades.

Conceptualized by Joe Public and produced by Egg Films, the ad was no easy feat. It took 36 locations, 76 wardrobe changes and 6 days to shoot. A specialized Director of Photography, Kevin Fitzpatrick, was flown in from Prague to direct.

You can follow the campaign on the True Stories website, on Facebook or on twitter.

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