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Guy Fawkes radio ad

This radio ad was created by Lowe Bull, Cape Town in time for Guy Fawkes day last Friday. This is what they had to say about it,”In anticipation of Guy Fawkes Day, we created a radio advertisement which appeals to the public to refrain from using fireworks for the sake of their pets. The ad asks listeners to ‘imagine if everything was ten times louder’ and then illustrates the effect of this by magnifying different sounds. “Animals are incredibly sensitive to loud noises because their hearing is so much more acute than ours,” explains Kirk Gainsford, Executive Creative Director at Lowe Bull CT. “This ad is intended to make people aware of how terrifying and painful fireworks are for animals, and asks them to sacrifice a few thrills for the well-being of their pets.” The ad was created in partnership with the Domestic Animal Rescue Group.”

Creative Team:
Executive Creative Director – Kirk Gainsford
Creative Director – Alistair Morgan
Copywriter – Natalie Rose
Art Director – Cameron Watson
Sound studio – Milestone, Graham Merrill

Between 10 and 5