New Beechies TVCs


  1. nice, if your target market is 35-50 year olds

  2. just not sure ..

  3. Rock and roollllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. @coda – how about some constructive criticism. you comment of every post but rarely give a rationale as to your opinion. i notice none of your work ever features on 10and5 – unless i am mistaken – please point it out so we can all have a go too.

  5. @Meme

    There are lots of things in life that don’t come with a rationale and you’ll be a more peaceful person when you can accept that. Perhaps Coda is a wise teacher using opaque opinions to uncoil your fearful spirit. If he is, I suspect it’s not working just yet.

  6. @Rupert – ag shudup Coda!