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Eat. Party. Dance with Duke’s Burgers (win tickets)

Hepa! Everyone in JHB seems to be excited for the launch of the Duke’s Band Burgers on the 24th of November.
Rock ‘n roll originated in the United States and so did hamburgers. So husband-and-wife owners, Ari Shapiro and Lori Baar, together with the master-chef at work in Dukes Burger’s kitchen decided to get all the rockiest of the roll-iest bands in Mzansi together to design their own burgers. Amori Burger (no jokes), the aforementioned cheffie, helped them to turn their tunes into taste-bud sensations. Together they created something completely more amazing than “The box that rocks”. It’s altogether more rockier and far less doosy.

Click through to read more, and to WIN DOUBLE TICKETS to the event (they’re going at R120 a pop if you aren’t invited).

Ashtray Electric created a French fusion that’s kicked off with a lime and tonic sorbet and a slosh of gin. Their burger is smothered in red wine and black pepper jus, with an ostrich patty wrapped in parma ham, finished off with potato skins.

Tannie Juanita’s favourite, Jack Parow, offers a footlong russian basted in brandy and coke topped with original Mrs Balls and Springbok carpaccio. To start your partying off on the right foot you’ll get a trifle shot (yes, layers of cake and jelly) with “moer baie” OBS.

Deep Space Champion Poppers, kidofdoom, whips up startling combinations of double beef patties with a trio of cheese and a duo of chillies. Afterwards you get Venus (read: fire ball) surrounded by rings of spun sugar and a bubblegum Steri Stumpie to wash it all down with.

The boys who put Bellville on the map, Fokofpolisiekar, created a masterpiece (as always) with steak, a béarnaise sauce, freshly chopped chillies and bacon. For dessert, they offer rock ‘n rollers a break with a Kit Kat stuck in a bowl of ice cream.

Their Afrikaans offspring, Van Coke Kartel, assembled a grilled chicken breast in a Cajun sauce, a shot of Jägermeister mayonnaise, emmentaler and rocket leaves. The English counterparts, aKing, give their royal best with an ostrich patty topped with melted blue cheese, grilled beetroot and cranberry compote on a golden bun. Both bands’ dessert is perfect for your inner-child, a Kinder Joy egg or a Red Bull float.

340ml share their Portuguese roots with a coconut and ginger marinated chicken breast on a portugeuse roll, topped with a butternut and cassava hash brown, coriander and peanut pesto and sesame yoghurt dressing. For dessert, coconut and chilli ice cream and a cashew nut praline.

MK is coming along for the ride, putting all known burgers to shame with their massive ensemble. Weighing in at a ridiculous 2kg, this burger is not to be trifled with. But then, we’d expect nothing less of these innovators of the tune-waves.

If you aren’t spoiled for choice already, why not try out Straatligkinders’ vetkoek-burger, Pestroy’s mini-burgers or Jon Savage’s nothing-fancy-just-a-fokof-burger burger? Alternatively, sample Die Heuwels Fantasties’ chorizo or if that’s not your cup of tunes, give Tidal Waves’ vegetarian offering a go, or Fuzigish’s peanut butter and grilled banana-combo. There’s always Taxi Violence’s Cuervo hollandaise, Haezer’s garlic-overload or Dance, You’re On Fire’s super-hot chillies.

Is your mouth watering yet? Because you’re so awesome, Duke’s is inviting you to come taste all of these burgers and party with the rock ‘n rollers that created them on 24 November at 19:00. Dukes is at 14 Gleneagles Road, Greenside (just to the left of Gin when you’re facing party’s way).

Let me know whether you’ll want to talk to anyone for publication purposes, but otherwise just RSVP by Friday 20 November. Bring your skinny jeans, your boogie-shoes and most importantly, your appetite.

Lastly, please see attached the full menu with every mouth-watering, hip-shaking burger our tune masters thought up.

Super-limited tickets are available at R120 a pop.
Visit their Facebook page to check out some more burgers.
Or head over to the Event page for other info.

WANT TO WIN DOUBLE TICKETS? Easy! Enter your details below and we’ll get in touch. If you won. Otherwise go find a Steers.

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