Expressions Book One South Africa



Jared M. Aufrichtig is originally from Californian but has spent the last six years exploring our country. These six years have been captured on celluloid and turned into a 720 page photographic book on South African alternative, youth and street culture. The hardbound book, ‘Expressions Book One South Africa’, launched yesterday and features photographs of some of South Africa’s foremost surfers, skaters and musicians including Shaun Tomson, Jordy Smith, Puddy Zwennis, Christi Wiehahn, Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence, The Dirty Skirts, Tidal Waves, Sweat X and many others.


The book also features numerous contributions from artists who have augmented Aufrichtig’s celluloid images with their own graphic interpretations. A cross-section of South African designers, illustrators, graffiti, graphic and tattoo artists – including Kronk, Mak1one, Fong, Matt Edwards, Tyler B. Murphy, Bryan Little and TheoryOne – lend their significant creative abilities to the project.


A limited First Edition of 1 000 signed and individually numbered copies of ‘Expressions Book One South Africa’ will be available with two different cover art variations. The Deluxe Edition of the book, of which only 130 copies will be available, comes with a unique lithographic plate in one of the CMYK colours from which the book was printed. South African artist Tyler B. Murphy designed the cover.


The book is available from astore in Kloof St, Cape Town or directly from the author. His details –

Jared Aufrichtig

+27 (21) 434 0631

+27 (76) 977 3287


Here is a list of all those who feature or who contributed:


The 35 artists that contributed, in no particular order, are; Jared Aufrichtig, Mak1one, Hannes aka Handogg, Steez, Tyler B. Murphy, Romeo Malepe aka Romz Deluxe, Byron, Matt Edwards, Bryan Little, ?ALL, William Felix, Rico aka MORS, TheoryOne, Maximillian Goldin, Romi Martin, Gerhard Engelbrecht, Eaton aka 500mills, Ben Rad Vinyl, Karl Shure aka Warren Lewis, Anthony Duckitt, Nick from Shelflife, Macick, Juan Pierre Coleman, Justin from Meto4, Anoy337, Dr.One, Kronk, Pierre Coetzee, BrainBoy Productions, John C. from Sindrome, Fong, Brad aka Moone , Just BeŠ?, Drake Neon, Dfeat


Well-known personalities featured in the book are:

Artists- Loomit, FalkoOne, Buffy Braveheart, Kia Murphy, Mak1one, MORS, Tyler B. Murphy, Solo One, JEST, OMSK, TOE, Motel 7, EKON, ?ALL, NOKS, FAITH 47, Senyol, Warren Lewis, AMOS, BRUSH, SLATE, RASTY, EWOK, SETH One, Logan


Musicians- Ben Sharpa, Tidal Waves, DJ Craze, 7th Son, Taxi Violence, Japan Black, Spook, Fuzigish, Huja Boy, Teba, Lagwagon, Lark, Inge Beckmann, The Rudimentals, Sibot, Blackalicious, Justin, Watkin Tudor Jones, NoFx, Dark Lords, Zander Tyler (pre-Jack Parow), Markus Wormstorm, Claire Phillips, Intalektu, Unit-R, DJ Qbert, Fokofpolisiekar, MG, Rattex, Tumi & the Volume, The Dirty Skirts, DJ Low, Sammy Sparks aka Fungus, Contoversy, 340 ml, Leon Botha, Wordsworth, Van Coke Kartel, DJ Vadim, DJ Cutkiller, Sweat X, Purple Simba, Felix Laband, MosDef, Black Dillinger, James Lavelle, J Live, T 3
(Slum Village), MPVRS, Matisyahu.


Sports people- Shaun Tomson, Clive Barber, Rob DuRand, Braxton Haine, Puddy Zwenis, Andrew Mork, Dallas Oberholzer, Alan Marlola, Christi Wiehahn, Gavin Moses, Brian Schaefer, Thomas Kring, Simon Stipcich, John Whittle, Alan Robb, Ross Clark Jones, Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Cass Collier, Jordy Smith, Taj Burrow, Ian Armstrong, Andy Irons, Bruce Gold, Andrew Marr, Tom Curren, Mark Occhilupo, Damien Fahrenfort, John John Florence, Sean Holmes, Joel Parkinson, Wade Goodall, Chris Ward, Travis Logie, Mick Fanning,


Other- Ramone (B-boy), Benny (B-Boy), Ubuntu Crew (B-Boys)


Between 10 and 5