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The Fake Sartorialist - Vivienne Westwood

The Fake Sartorialist

The Fake Sartorialist - Vivienne Westwood

So you’ve heard of The Sartorialist, right? The blog by Scott Schuman, named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers, is a collection of his photographs of The Best Dressed on the streets of the world. The Fake Sartorialist on the other hand is something quite different. Eduardo Cachucho is the Fake Sartorialist and has been running his blog since August 2009, based in Joburg. The Fake Sartorialist takes fashion images and completely recreates them in Photoshop. He re-dresses The Best Dressed creating absurd and interesting fashion imagery. Eduardo says the blog was born out of sheer fashion desperation. He writes – Where was the humour, where was the real sass (not the back stabbing kind), where was the fashion world mirror looking back on itself?… Earlier this year, The Fake Sartorialist ruffled some feathers when Scott Schuman found out about the blog. The tussle resulted in Eduardo getting some great exposure from the New York Times and NYMag online. Read one of the articles, here.


Since then, Eduardo has taken his blog in a slightly new direction. His latest project, Designer Essence, takes iconic images of fashion designers and mashes them with their own fashion collections. I re-dress the designers in their own collections effectively redesigning their collections and their own identities. The designers used for this series are Vivienne Westwood (above), Viktor & Rolf and DSquared.

Viktor & Rolf


All three prints are for sale at the Guillotine Fashion Store, 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg or on the brand new Fake Sartorialist online store, here. The online store sells Fake Sartorialist original prints worldwide and is also running a competition where you can win one of 3 FAKE IT T-shirts.


Email an image of you or your friends to be edited by the Fake Sartorialist, best image gets a t-shirt. See the competition page for more info.

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