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Halls. Free Your Voice.

Halls screenshot

Ogilvy Cape Town has been working on a very cool promotion for Halls. Read all about it:

Halls throat lozenges give you your voice back. So we launched the “Halls. Free Your Voice.” Promotion, where people could win their own radio ad to literally say whatever they wanted. On a very small budget, the competition needed a website that covered all the Terms & Conditions, yet still communicated the “Free Your Voice” concept.

Our simple idea was to make every bit of text on the site out of digital, audio fridge poetry, so people could move all the words around to create, hear and share their own messages in millions of different ways. Now that’s freedom.

Go and have some fun on the website, here.


Executive Creative Director – Chris Gotz

Digital Creative Director – Nicholas Wittenberg

Art Director – Prabashan G. Pather, Sanjiv Mistry

Copywriter – Sanjiv Mistry, Prabashan G. Pather

Digital Creative – Umar Jakoet

Account Manager – Bryony McComb

Sound Design – We Love Jam

Between 10 and 5