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BP Ultimate Ride 2



Digital agency, HelloComputer, has just released BP Ultimate Ride 2. It’s a multi-player online game that lets you modify and customise your virtual ride, race against others online and judge others’ cars to get closer to winning the ultimate prize, a customised Volkswagen GTI built up by the hottest modding crews in the country. Want to know how it works? Read on –


All players start out with a stock standard white Volkswagen GTI. From there they can modify their Ultimate Ride’s performance and appearance using StreetCred – the in-game currency. Players earn StreetCred in a number of ways. Just a few of these include entering and judging at ‘show and shine’ autoshows, sharing their rides via Facebook, Twitter and eMail and picking up vouchers when they buy certain products (like Speed&Sound magazine) at BP Express stores. In the very near future, Ultimate Riders will even be able to race against each other – that’s where the performance upgrades will really start to count.




The campaign is already proving very popular with over 1000 cars being created since the launch earlier this week. If you’d like to read up on what motor enthusiasts are saying about the game then head over to or who have already picked up on the launch and are discussing it in their online forums. Executive Creative Director at HelloComputer, Mark Tomlinson says, “We saw this as an opportunity to connect with consumers via a common passion – performance motoring.”


You can sign up for BP Ultimate Ride 2 here.




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