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We Love/Sushi


We Love/Sushi

WE LOVE/ is a site where you can share the places that you love and what you love about them on a public forum. It works like this, you sign up to the site and can then add your favourite place related to a category. So far the categories are WE LOVE/Sushi, WE LOVE/Coffee, WE LOVE/Wine and WE LOVE/South Africa. You can share your favourite sushi restaurant or take-away, your favourite coffee house, wine or place to visit in South Africa. Once you’ve added your place to a category you can then review it, let people know where it is, what nights have specials, what the best dish on the menu is etc. Others can also add a review or comment on yours. As people add the places that they love an online guide to sushi, coffee, wine or South Africa starts to take form. You could visit the site just to read through reviews to decide where to go for dinner or a coffee. The site displays where the place is on a map and how popular it is by how many people ‘loved’ it. Soon you’ll be able to WE LOVE/ from your phone as there is an iPhone, android and blackberry app on the way.

WE LOVE/ is also running a competition on the website. The more active you are on the website, the more love points you get. The person with the most love points on the 22nd of December wins a Canon 550D. Vote for what other people love and you could win an iPhone 4 as a wild card prize and the person who posts the best review wins an HP Netbook.

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