DStv online and Kronk join forces


10and5 Briefs was recently involved in finding an illustrator who could meet the requirements of DStv online’s recruitment campaign brief. After getting DStv and Kronk together, this is the amazing result.
About the project:

DStv Online recently joined forces with Kronk and his copy-writing android, Paul White, to boldly go where no other recruitment posters have gone before. The mission: to target Computer Science students.  The result: retro-fresh Trekkie posters with a nod to TV and the interweb. The posters will appear in varsities at the start of the New Year and form part of the recruitment drive for DStv Online. Interested applicants can to apply at www.dstvo.com/join-us

One Comment

  1. I really like these, but I have a question.

    When using content from the star trek / star wars franchises does this fall under fair usage or is it authorized because Multichoice/DSTV has a license to use the copyrighted material in it’s marketing?