Kirsten Townsend for This Quilt

Graduate Series: Kirsten Townsend

Kirsten Townsend for This Quilt

Kirsten is a graduate from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. She studied applied design majoring in graphic design and art direction. Her Bansky-inspired campaign above was her take on a band poster for This Quilt’s album Popular Pollution. The project was timed to go out at the same time as the 2009 elections and attracted quite a lot of attention. Kirsten’s product design project Chuck Ups was initially a brief to create packaging for shoes. Instead, she created cardboard shoes and packaged them in a book along with colourful laces and marker pens. The cardboard sneakers can be removed, customised and then chucked up to land over telephone wires in true ‘shoefitti’ style. The book also comes with instructions on performing the art of Chuck Up.

Other projects in Kirsten’s portfolio include packaging for a coffee label, branding and brand activation for the Stellenbosch Academy along with fellow students Jeannie Sherwood, Richard Moir, Francois Nel and John Second. And another collaboration with Jeannie Sherwood on a corporate identity for a laundromat called The Lost Sock. This project became inspiration for their Mills & Boon trailer designed for the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park hotel in Elgin.

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