Is Threadless selling your designs to chain stores?

Or is Markham ripping designs off Threadless?


This T-shirt was spotted in Markham at the V&A Waterfront recently. It is an exact replica of a T-shirt design submitted to Threadless in December 2006. The designer is Matt Palmer a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator in Brisbane and says that once submitted Threadless owns the rights to the design. Markham is owned by the Foschini Group and is the largest men’s fashion retailer in the country, that means they are making a lot of money off this design. The label in the shirt made no mention of Threadless. It would be interesting to know what’s going on here, anyone got some info?

Here’s the link to the original design.

And here’s some more of Matt’s work.

The original design on Threadless

The original design found on Threadless

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