Call for Illustrators for UCT’s SAX Appeal

SAX Appeal sellers

UCT’s RAG (Remember and Give) is busy putting together their annual SAX Appeal. The satirical magazine is Cape Town’s biggest student-run publication and is sold by the students around the city to raise money for SHAWCO (Student Health and Welfare Centres Organisation). This year they’re aiming to sell more editions than ever before and are looking for illustrators who are willing to get involved. The theme is SAX Fantasy and the style is Art Nouveau/Carnivale. The work would be for free but provides great exposure as about 45 000 issues are printed and sold. After 78 years in publication, SAX remains true to their aim of delivering top-quality satire and intelligent commentary to the good people of Cape Town.

If you’d like to a be a part of the 2011 edition then contact the editor, Ehrard Vermaak, on 0723806175 or at


  1. So instead of being able to pay for rent or food, illustrators get to tell 45000 people that they are prepared to work for free?

  2. exposure is cool if your in high school.

    It would have been better if they had asked illustrators to donate a illustration for charity. Playing the exposure card is a cheap trick.