Oerknal gestalt 1.1 Mixed Media on Fabriano (200grm) 105cm x 144cm

Graduate Series: Hilde Alet Malan

Oerknal gestalt 1.1 Mixed Media on Fabriano (200grm) 105cm x 144cm

Oerknal gestalt 1.1 Mixed Media on Fabriano (200grm) 105cm x 144cm

Hilde is a 4th Year Graduate at the University of Stellenbosch. This body of work, undertaken this year, has its roots in her previous three years of Fine Art studio practice.

She tells us about her process and style, “Originally I worked with natural forms found in botanical subjects and the nude female figure. These subjects, through the media of painting and drawing, provided me with subject matter, form and content and I increasingly gravitated towards painting as my medium of choice. It provided the expressive freedom, fluidity and chromatic ranges that allowed me to progressively distil and abstract my subject matter. By the beginning of this year I reached a point where the gestural action and spontaneous processes of painting became more important than mimetic representation.

My biggest challenge this year has been that of intuitively understanding the nature of my process. Balancing between the chance-accidental elements and conscious intervention remains a strong theme in my paintings – especially when such intervention also involves grappling with issues of beauty in art. Trying to discover and affirm beauty through abstract painting is a very difficult task; especially when contemporary theories of beauty seem divergent and sometimes even contradictory. I am very aware of the long and well-exploited tradition of abstract painting in the Modernist and Postmodernist worlds, and hope to develop my painting style in way that is truly personal, honest and expressive without submitting to artificial trends.

Painting has become a process of self-discovery and given me the opportunity to paint who I am.”

Contact Hilde at hildealetmalan88@gmail.com

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