Student print ad for Land Rover Defender


We recently featured a print ad for the Land Rover Defender by ad agency Y&R over here. This is a group of students’ interpretation of the same brand and product. The designer on the project, Matthew Jay, tells us a bit about the concept, “Most Land Rover ads focus on the Defender being the vehicle of choice for those who enjoy driving off-road. It is very heavily branded as the explorer’s car, however there is an increasing trend for people to drive larger vehicles (which are mostly pseudo 4×4’s) around the cities. My idea was to create an ad which showed that a Defender is still faithful to its original design as a rugged vehicle for the outdoorsman. It was not built for the city.”

Credits go to:

Matthew Jay/JinWook
Andrew Macfarlane
Helene Van Zijl

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One Comment

  1. Hi guys, i really like the art direction of this, but you have unravelled your idea with your rationale. The Defender doesn’t really belong in the city in the first place. My first take out is ad is – very big, very heavy, strong vehicle. Would have been a better idea for the original Hummer.