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Brotherhood of the Immaculate Pixel


Adrian Grant-Smith is a Joburg-based digital retoucher. His studio is called Digital Perception Retouching Studio. Lately, he has been collaborating with Urban Monk a studio based in Sydney. Together they make up Brotherhood of the Immaculate Pixel, a small, high-end image making facility, doing 3D for print as well as retouching. Their reason for joining up is that they realized there is a strong need for 3D artists and retouchers to work closely together in order to get the best results. The submissions above is called The Mandog and was done for a pet product company in Australia advertising a product called DEflea. BigWhizzer

The Log Ride
The Big Whizzer and Log Ride was done for Ogilvy Johannesburg, with Marion Bryan the art director.
Gerard Turnley shot the photographic elements and sphere.
The Octopus and the Opera House was a promo piece we completed earlier this year.
The Foxtel neon sign was done for was done for Ogilvy Sidney.

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