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Graduate Series: Nina Koegelenberg

Nina Koegelenberg

Nina is a design graduate from AAA Cape Town. Featured are two of her final year projects. The first, V//SU (vee-zoo), is a local magazine that aims to discover the small treasures and interesting characters of the often forgotten small towns of South Africa.

Her second project works similarly to PostSecret but is South African based and is inspired  by the ever-growing online social interaction systems that allow people to share their most intimate secrets with people they’ve never even met. The project is entitled Telltale and is aimed at exposing the strange and sometimes scary secrets of the people of South Africa. It also brings the anonymous sharing of intimate information online into a real life situation.

Nina explains how it works, “Secrets are collected by colour-coded books that travel throughout 3 big South African cities – Durban, Cape Town and Joburg. People who find these books are prompted to share a secret by filling in one of the pages of the book. They are then encouraged to drop the book off at one of 6 designated drop-off points or simply pass it on to someone else. After the books have been completed all the secrets are filtered and the best appear at the location they were recorded in the form of vinyl on the walls, floors or windows. These are then also photographed and compiled into a coffee table book to be sold nationwide.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Nina you can contact her at

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