Up and coming SA product designer in the UK

Diviso Stool 6

Neil Macqueen is young South African product designer making waves in the UK. This is one of his pieces called the Diviso stool. The design was created for UnoFuori Studio and has been exhibited as part of the London Design Festival at Designersblock 2010. The Diviso stool can extend to seat three people or stay as it is to seat just one and comes in four versions; all natural plywood, stained black plywood, aluminium/plywood, and a limited edition ghost.

Neil has been named one of the top 300 up and coming designers in the UK to watch in 2010/2011 by E-Creative.

Diviso Stool 2


  1. Im wondering where he studied, any ideas?
    Would be great if we could snag a picture of it in its’ extended mode..


  2. I know he studied product design in the UK but don’t know which college/uni.

  3. So he took another route – instead of studying local, he will be bringing back some international skills, hopefully. Makes me think about what’s going down with South Africa’s product design degrees.. Industrial design at the Cape Technikon (CPUT) now has a Professorship, plus they are looking to introduce interactive-design via the Swedes, so we are going places.

  4. I studied ‘Product Design and Innovation’ at the University of the West of England which is in Bristol, UK. They have a great course

  5. Awewsome stuff. What are you currently working on? Coming back to SA anytime soon..

  6. I am working on finishing my ‘Divisione Collection’ which the diviso stool is part of and going to be working for Dyson pretty soon. Planning on coming back to SA in January. What are you busy with at the moment?

  7. Well done mate,sounds like your doing well abroad, best of luck with Dyson! Well right now im stuck in with my studies, but Im starting to do some work on the side from time to time: http://tinyurl.com/6ycp5zn and have a look