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Screen shot

Graduate short film – Behind Closed Doors


Behind Closed Doors is a short film written and directed by AFDA graduate, Philippa Caddow. The film is set in a house with a history and every scene is shot through the wardrobe. “The idea is that a wardrobe spans the ages and is the silent witness to our identity.” The film begins with a montage of the different people who have lived in the house, an old couple in the 50s, a single mother in the 70s, a bunch of students in the 90s and settles on the character of single girl, Anna. Her life and years in the house are documented through the wardrobe until she too moves on. Her departure is followed by a new family moving into the house as the cycle of lives viewed through the wardrobe repeats itself.


Writer & director – Philippa Caddow
Producer – Enrico Walser
Director of Photography – Marina Korskowa
Production Designer – Sean De Beer
Costume, Makeup and styling – Jessica Gould
Editor – Donald Leitch
Sound Designer – Anel Du Preez


Liezl de kock
Tyrel Meyer
Yve Pelser
Cintaine Shutte
Li Ping Dai
Rowan Thane
Astralita Dreyer
Cathy Michel
George van der spuy
Phillip Hotz
Ryan Kruger
Donald Leitch
Marina Korskowa

Between 10 and 5