The World According to Digital


Platinum Seed is a digital marketing agency who’ve very cleverly put together some statistics on the growing number of online users in this video to explain to prospective clients why they should be increasing their digital ad spend. They realised that a lot of their clients have very little understanding about what digital actually is and so ‘The world according to digital’ was created in a way to simply illustrate the impact that digital marketing is having on the world and in Africa.

Credits for the video go to Damien Manuel for animation and story-boarding and Carrie Linder for the script.

Music: Digitalism- Idealistic

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  2. Schoolmaster Jack

    all very interesting but slightly let down by basic grammar and spelling errors. Guys! If your potential client is, like, not a white ignoramus doofus, then maybe the LEKGOTLA bit could come across as a bit…parochial.

  3. woah…i actually had to google “parochial”
    you are so much smarter than the rest of us 10and5ers. (hope i spelt that right)

  4. @Schoolmaster- thanks for the feedback. Will take into consideration for V2