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Rollercoaster - Jack Mantis Band

Teaser for Jack Mantis Band’s Rollercoaster music vid


This teaser was sent in by Warrick Mcleod for a music video he is working on for the Jack Mantis Band song, Rollercoaster. The finished product will be premiered in Cape Town some time this month. Warrick says the video was shot on 16mm and cross processed to get a very unique look and feel.


Directoring and editing by Warrick Mcleod

Jack Mantis Band:
Song Writer, Singer, Guitarist – Jack Mantis
Bass – Jimmi Curve
Piano – Domenico Benigno
Drums – Jon Case


Athena Jane
Carly Nauta
Carla the horse
St John Alexander

Film Stock provided by Velocity Film Afrika
Film Stock Panavision, Nicoli
Processing Waterfront Lab
Telecine Waterfront Post
Wardrobe, Anne Angels

Between 10 and 5