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Featured: Floyd Paul



Floyd Paul is a multifaceted creative working as a graphic designer/illustrator/art director and motion GFX artist in the Mother City. This is some of his portfolio. He says he is always experimenting in different styles, and mediums, from vector illustrations and designs to more old school style inks, paints, paper and prints.


Floyd explains his process and influences,”I have an urban/street art influence but try and produce work that reflects the client’s needs using the best possible style and concept. I do all the conceptual work and copywriting, illustration and design and motion & VFX for my clients. Which can be tiring, at times, but I really love the process. I enjoy being part of the entire development. Watching it unfold, from words and sketches and notes on a piece of paper to a finished and well crafted end product.”


“I love experimenting, and learning new stuff but I really like designs that are tactile, I think designs printed on an old Letterpress machine are the bees knees! I also love photography, especially old school film cameras, and have a small collection of cameras, including 2 Yashica medium format TLRs from the 1950’s and an original Agfa Isoly junior, the camera the now famous LOMO Diana was molded after.” Floyd is available for freelance and contract work and can be reached at

















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