Hunter’s Billboard

Here’s a new billboard from Hunter’s dry on the N1 leaving Cape Town.

The billboard sports the biggest Hunter’s bottle ever made, and has is also interactive with snow falling down around the bottle. Very cool.

(ED NOTE: Made the copy slightly clearer 🙂 Interactive snow FTW)

Created by Net#work BBDO

Executive Creative Director: Ivan Johnson

Creative Director: Alexis Beckett

Copywriter: JP Le Riche

Art Director: Jedd McNeilage

Production: Clinton Mitri


  1. props to the production team behind this! awesome awesome work

  2. Very nice. No idea what “interactive snow” is though…

  3. Livinginaustralia

    East London born creatives dominate

  4. How many 330ml bottles do you think can fit into the Hunter’s Big Bottle?

  5. Very cool. You rock guys!

  6. Nice concept, bad location. For most drivers I imagine that it’s just a big green bottle surrounded by white stuff and some text… assuming they didn’t cause an accident while turning their head to look at it, given it’s not exactly in their field of vision.

  7. B-O-R-I-N-G. Like anyone’s gonna see the freakin’ snowflakes falling as they whiz past at 100k’s an hour. And enough with the whole cooling aspect already. An interesting space – totally wasted.

  8. Nice idea, but still don’t see how it’s interactive…

  9. I’m afraid I don’t see the images… Maybe check the database?

  10. I think I saw a heap of interactive snow at the last Loeries.
    I never knew it was a Hunters activation.