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Featured: Michelle Viljoen

Michelle Viljoen - Papercity

Michelle Viljoen graduated with honours from AAA Cape Town last year. This is a collection of the best work she produced while studying Graphic Design. A major hobby of Michelle’s is photography which is why she started her blog – papercitylife and her tumblr blog. Papercitylife was also her inspiration for the magazine PAPERCITY (above), which she put together as part of a AAA project but would one day love to turn into an actual publication. PAPERCITY is a culture magazine that features blogs, fashion, up and coming designers, fashion designers, photographers and writers.

Michelle Viljoen - PAPERCITY


Michelle says,”I love clean, uncluttered design styles.” This is evident in all of her work. Another project of hers is ‘This to That’ a card game designed for the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers). “Editorial design and typography are by far my two favourite fields within graphic design, with CI coming in at a close third.”

Michelle Viljoen - This to That

This to That card game

The aim of the game is to play out all the cards dealt to you, by building a series of linear and non-linear connections. Each card’s graphic relates to the topic of that specific card, the rule book explains the game and the Card Guide gives a brief description of each card. There are also notebooks to jot down ideas and facts to remember. There are 120 playing cards in a deck.

Michelle Viljoen - Reelcity logo


For her year end project, Michelle created a fictitious production company called Reelcity and designed the entire Corporate Identity. The look and feel for the company is based on army rank for example directors, editors, cinematographers, sound engineers and producers are divided into Colonel, Captain and Sergeant ranks depending on experience and skill. Each rank in each field has its own badge. The project consists of a hardcover book ‘The Reality of Reelcity’ which explains how each creative became a part of Reelcity, business cards, identity cards and framed photographs.

Michelle Viljoen - Reelcity


More of Michelle’s work includes a display typeface called Fluister Klip hard. She explains the reasoning behind the name,”The Afrikaans word Fluister means to whisper, and Klip hard means out loud or very loud. The actual words are difficult to read – so it’s much like a whisper – not easy to figure out. But the overall impact is much louder.” The typeface was a Loerie finalist.Michelle was also selected as one of the Design Indaba emerging creatives in her 2nd year.

Michelle Viljoen - Fluister Klip hard

Fluister Klip hard

It’s safe to say you can expect big things from this young designer. For more view her Behance profile, here.

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