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Illana Welman photography 1

Illana Welman – Styling and Photography

Illana Welman photography 1

This is some of the work of Durban born, Cape Town bred stylist and photographer Illana Welman. Having no formal training she is a true example of raw talent. Illana tells us how she got into doing what she does,”I started styling in 2008 thanks to my photographer boyfriend Justin Mcgee and one of my best friends and model Shannon Phillips who helped me discover what direction I really wanted to go in.” While living in London she turned to photography covering the smaller fashion weeks as well as parties. It was during this time she discovered film photography. “When I find time off from my day job that is what I to try perfect, however my heart still lies in styling.” Illana’s work can be viewed on her blog Lani Spice. “While travelling Australia I only had a film camera and lots of disposables so I decided to give in to the world of blogging and found a way to showcase some of my travels. Since then it’s been a fun ride.”

Illana is off to travel the world again with plans to study in New York next year but for 2011 wants to collaborate as much as possible. You can contact her at She says it’s thanks to the creative people around her that she constantly has inspiration to create what she does, especially when trying to get the best of both worlds, photography and fashion styling, as well as combining the two.

Illana Welman Photography

Illana Welman Photography 2

Illana Welman Photography 3

Illana Welman Photography 4

Illana Welman Photography 5

Illana Welman Styling

Illana Welman Styling 1

Illana Welman Styling 2

Illana Welman Styling 3

Illana Welman Styling 4

Illana Welman Styling 5

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