Jax Panik – Dinosaur


  1. This video, and more importantly, the song, is a creative abomination. I can’t believe you would post it on 10and5. I just puked a little in my mouth.

  2. I’m amazed at how over polished a turd can get. Both the video and the song are beyond awful. The voodoo lampshade is my favorite bit, only because it made me laugh as it’s the worst video wardrobe I have ever seen. I thought the production value of South African video’s were moving forward, but this proves that we can always take a giant leap backwards.

    Oh, and if you are going to dance in a video, especially your own video, make sure you actually can, because no amount of “cool” makeup is going to make you look masculine with those moves.

  3. i thought the video was supposed to be bad.. i think its quite humerous

    do people only even hate stuff on this site ? .. its getting old.

  4. I have read the above comments and come to the conclusion that people expect videos to be slick, shiny and generic. If you knew a bit more about the concept and ethos of Jax Panik, you would find the video fits the artist’s style perfectly.

    If you do not like it or find it ‘crap’ then it was never meant for you in the first place. You obviously do not understand the brand of humor that is behind this. Do not complain, just find something you enjoy more, spend time loving things and not hating.

    Embrace the positive side of life, I personally love the diversity in the South African music industry. There is something for everyone to love.

  5. Zanmari Erasmus

    I agree with Tunet, 🙂

  6. Tuent, please explain these lyrics to me, not sure I understand how they contribute to Jax Panik’s ethos:

    “Spin the bottle, super model. Spin the bottle, supermodel. You wanna play? WooooooH! okay!
    Hide and seek, trick or treat, baby come to me!!”

    “Double chocolate ice-cream, let me be your love machine. X-rated movie scene, my teenage dream!”

    It’s not about having to look slick, or having a massive production budget.

    It’s about NOT being completely void of any creativity or integrity, about not making something PURELY for commercial purposes. At the very least, it’s about this website not posting this low caliber piece of inconsequential rubbish that will, please lord, be forgotten soon.

  7. @Hater, it’s amazing to see how much this video upsets you! Please don’t watch bang’s new video – they just posted it on 10and5 and that’s really going to unsettle you.

  8. Dylan, I think if you look through most of the comments you’ll see that there are LOADS of positive reinforcement on lots of the creative work – and we get quite a lot of “likes” on campaigns that are great and if a campaign is good, there is a good response. Some of the biggest critics give the best support as well.

    Hater – 10and5 is not only about showcasing the “best” work. We want to feature a whole range of creative work from various sources. We believe that Jax Panik is relevant as a creative brand (interpret “creative” and “brand” as flexibly as you can), and that we should post it because it’s important for people to see a body of work, not just a single amazing video.

    We’d actually like to post up all the boring, bland PEP/Pick n Pay etc that most agencies make their bread and butter on. But that would be incredibly boring and not stimulate a discussion.

  9. I love this song! its crazy cool! What a beat. Just enjoy it!