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The Lottery Tickets - Music is Culture

The Lottery Tickets – Music is Culture


This is the latest music video from The Lottery Tickets created by band member James Acker. The video is for the song Music is Culture and this the story behind it as told by James:

We have a house in Heidelberg and normally a whole bunch of us go there to fish, drink and eat the occasional fish and chips. One night we stumbled upon a tape saying “Do not tape over!”. So immediately we put the tape into the VCR.

At first I couldn’t make out who these people in the tape were until a close up of my dad showed. It was shot with my dad’s first video camera in 1963 in 8mm film on their road trip through Rhodesia which is Zimbabwe today. We watched this tape throughout without any sound and somebody said this would make an awesome music video and the rest was history.

I converted the footage and did a really basic and quick edit and showed the guys. The footage was really raw and we didn’t touch or change any of the original colours or grade.

It made me amped to see how young and adventurous my dad was and that he wasn’t lying about his crazy hunting and fishing adventures in the bush. What also made it really cool is that in the footage they where the same age as us, making us compare and see how different life was back then.

The song lyrics have nothing to do with the video where our previous video had a storyline that worked with the song and was done very professionally. This time we could edit and storyline by ourselves having the freedom to do whatever.

The video was rejected by MK due to not being in their ‘creative interest’. So we decided to just do an internet release of it.

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