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Bookstand design by Lucas Adams

Designer Bookstand by Lucas Adams

Bookstand design by Lucas Adams

Bookstand in Bibliophilia

Spotted these book stands at Bibliophilia at the Woodstock Industrial Centre while at an exhibition some time ago. They were designed by 3D design student and freelancer, Lucas Adams, specifically for the book store. The book stands are the first of 4 design briefs that Lucas will be completing for Bibliophilia.

He tells us about the brief,”The bookstore has a main front window where passersby can look into the store; Bibliophilia wanted something to accommodate books to be displayed in such a way that people could view the displayed books from both inside, and out, while keeping costs to a minimum. The material choice simply came down to a matter of cost efficiency & eco-friendliness. I settled with paperboard.”

Photos by Chad Leon

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