Airwaves That’s a Bit Extreme – Who Dunnit?

Check the latest campaign from Airwaves, called That’s a Bit Extreme. It follows the adventures of McHugeLarge’s Angels. Airwaves also offers you the opportunity to “Airwave a mate” where you could win the chance to do something extreme to one of your friends. We’ve found the digital campaign microsite, but haven’t checked any other campaign pieces. There’s also a Youtube Channelwith about 3 videos.

We can’t find any credentials anywhere, and would like to know “who dunnit?” We’ve also seen some web banners doing the rounds, any links would be appreciated.


  1. Done by the hipsters at TribalDDB Cape Town 🙂

  2. I had a look at the whois directory for the website. Seems its Tribal DDB –

  3. i dig it .. i like the styling..

    the only thing was the new mini at the end .. but thats just me..

  4. was it an international campaign that was brought down to SA? obviously the production is local (you can see Camps Bay in the Background hehe).

  5. not too sure about the actual details. from the whois info it states tribal ddb johannesburg.