New Ackermans TV Campaign


  1. Holy moley that is awful – guys I think you need to start filtering what goes up here. Otherwise it’ll end up like adsoftheworld where any piece of shit can get up.
    I’ma go let you finish ackermans, but I’m just sayin…

  2. Holy sh&* that is crap.

  3. Can’t we have a dislike button like youtube?

  4. Could we please see cool ideas. Or just stuff with ideas. This crap is probably the best the agency has done but F*#k, I thought this site had integrity. Inspire us. Take this shit off now.

  5. I don’t agree at all… I love the new direction that Ackermans is taking. I think this is actually very well done.

  6. Looks like some BBDO folks have made some comments here. Funny – never saw much of their Ackermans work on 10&5…

  7. As mentioned in a previous post, 10and5 is not only about showcasing the BEST work from the industry, it’s about showcasing ALL the work. We know that some agencies produce shit work, which might actually be where the bread and butter comes from, and the same agency then produces amazing work which wins a ton of awards, but at an enormous cost and not necessarily a huge return.
    We think it’s important to show all sides of an agency or creative house.

    If anything, we feel that an agency that only showcases their best award winning work, and hides their “dirty bathwater” has less integrity than for e.g. an agency with sour grapes. Nothing wrong with having an award winning showreel, but we know that there is other work out there and we will show that.

    This is important – 10and5 is also a resource for new clients researching potentially new agency’s. They land on a page for an agency and can see all the past work related to them, not just the amazing award winning work on their showcase website.

    There is an argument for this, and we believe it should stay.

    As an aside – we are busy with a redesign process that will allow us to feature/highlight the more inspiring work (which we certainly agree – that should be the focus). Our editorial policy will also be completed in early next week.

  8. Frankly, I believe this ad is taking Ackermans into a fresh/ new / aspirational territory. Where are the brand strategists? Please tell everyone how YOU feel about the strategic direction Ackermans is taking. Help us having a constructive conversation around Marketing in South Africa, which is MOST of the time NOT about the funny/ sexy/ weird/ award winning entries, but about making sound business sense. I say : Let the Business Case Dictate. Because that, precious creative dude, is how your salary is getting paid.

  9. Can you imagine how hard it must be to sell something like this to Ackermans?I think it’s great for the brand. Ps. I’m a creative, not strat.

  10. Thanks for the comment, Uno – puts things into a little more of a balanced perspective.
    As mentioned by others on the comments list, this is breakthrough work for Ackermans – not a brand usually associated with advertising of this nature. The brief, like most retail briefs, was a tough one. And the team came up with a brilliant way of clearly communicating the offer. It’s clear and simple, well produced and has a very well crafted soundtrack. The production was brilliantly handled by Masters & Savant Worldwide. And our clients were brave enough to back it 100% – even though there is no VO or price point!
    We are very proud of the ad, and the reaction in the marketplace has been very encouraging already. And that’s the point. This ad was made to change perceptions about Ackermans merchandise and – most importantly – to sell the product.
    We will leave our own final judgement until we know what it’s achieved!

  11. I think this is a fantastic and brave new direction for Ackermans.

  12. This is a great change for Ackermans; slick, sexy and making the fashion the hero! Perhaps the only things that should be moderated on B10&5 are the nonconstructive comments.

  13. its OK and I think it will work for the brand, but its too close to woolies (minimal background, the look/sassyness of the model and even the music)

  14. @Sibuk81: Minimal background, hot model, sexy music – sounds like fashion 101 to me. Not sure anyone could claim ownership of that. Even Woolies has a feel of The GAP, Lacost, Calvin Kline …

  15. Yoh! So much back-slapping and self praise for what is simply a nicely put together piece of un-original gloss. If that is considered a breakthrough I would suggest you lot go back and do some strat, strat guy. That is why I pay your salary.