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Chris Slabber - November 2009

Update: Chris Slabber Illustration

Chris Slabber - November 2009

Chris Slabber’s work is becoming a regular feature on 10and5. The latest – some images he has done for GQ over the years since 2008. The images featured here are all for the Personal Finance column.

Chris writes about his style for these illustrations: The style is very much collage based – I find images in magazines or online and chop them up and mix them together with other images and some hand drawn elements. When I started out I approached them as little one liner comic strips. Sometimes I’ll let the image speak for it self, but for the most part they come across as ‘comic strips’. I always appreciate these jobs – they are lots of fun and GQ allows me to really go my own way with them – creative freedom is rare these days. I recently started doing the illustrations for the Sex column as well. These posed a new challenge. They asked me to try out a new style, which is always a fun experience.


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