Zoopy Refocused and Redesigned

Zoopy has just changed their focus from online video to mobile video, a seemingly clever move if you consider the South African digital landscape. Here’s the reason for the refocus According to them in a blog post published this morning:

Until now, we’ve been an online platform first and a mobile service second. We’re turning this on its head and positioning Zoopy as a mobile video platform, with a mobi site, apps for the major platforms, and a website… we’ve focused on offering our users two core, and quite diverse, services: user-generated content sharing; and Zoopy TV (with made-for-web video stories ranging from news and movie reviews to fashion and games). We’ve made the decision to focus our business on one of these areas only; an area that is unique, poised for growth and more monetisable: creating quick, light, informative and entertaining mobile video. Video that can be watched on the bus home, over lunch at work or while out with your friends.

The new Zoopy will be a first of its kind – a mobile video tabloid that will feature the best of international and local infotainment. Or as our slogan promises: the world in 90 seconds (or less). We’re creating a fresh look at the news and events of the day, in an entertaining format that makes it fun to catch up with what’s going on in the world around you.”

The new Zoopy also means that users won’t be able to upload content anymore:

Video views have proved the value that you, our users, place in quality content, as we’ve seen Zoopy visitors gravitate more and more towards Zoopy TV videos over user-generated content.

Rather than trying to grow Zoopy in the user-generated content and mobile video infotainment spaces simultaneously, with one leg in and one leg out, it makes much more sense for us to focus our energies, resources and future on an offering that we can do so much more with, by producing and growing our own content.

With its refocus the site has experienced quite a facelift. Have a look here.

You can check out the full post here and follow Zoopy on Twitter to keep up with the latest.

So, what do you think – a clever move from Zoopy? Will it work? And more importantly will you use it?

UPDATE Click through to see the full infographic by Cow and ILoveDust.



  1. I love mobile video, but it can be expensive to watch. Seeing Zoopy is backed by Vodacom, what packages will the service provider offer to utilise a service like this?

    Does anyone know (roughly) how much it costs to stream 1 minute of video on your mobile?

    If people can afford it, and people have capable handsets, I think it’s a smart move.

  2. Ok, so it’s a content play with their own distribution mechanism. Like an iPlayer type thing.

    Just wondering how clever that really is — the content is going to have to be REALLY good to persuade me to consume it in an entirely different way to all other video on the web.

  3. @Jared They’ve repositioned the service as a mobile video tabloid. So it’s not really aimed at people who consume video on their PCs. I see a lot of their content is syndicated so expect current and topical news, sport and entertainment videos. I think it’s pretty clever in a country where the majority of people have mobiles and not PCs.

  4. Thank you..really informative!!

  5. love it, is gna be awesome on andriod and ipad tablets + the redsign is awesome, who does thier design work?

  6. ryno – I believe Cow Africa does most of the design work.

  7. @uno thanks uno, we can’t take credit for the site design, zoopy’s inhouse designers did that. @ryno we did however work with ilovedust to create the infographic and their relaunch campaign creative.