I AM MONSTER by Mathew Kieser


Mathew Kieser is the proud owner of a new t-shirt label called I AM MONSTER (IAM) which hails all the way from Durban.

Mathew describes his brands unique style as “Surfy/arty with street influences all being mixed up into one.” For a label that was “formed in a Durban basement in 2009”, it sure seems to be catching the attention of people locally and internationally. You can support IAM by heading down to astore and buying their gear.

We love local!


T-shirt design in collaboration with Jonty Hurd aka LAZERCLAW


  1. Thanks Guys!

  2. Its a pleasure, keep the work flowing.

  3. Ahh seriously? Not another minimalist indie tshirt label? Are there not enough of these overpriced shirt labels out there?

  4. I like that the design of the t-shirt is something different rather than just another illustration printed onto a Fittees.

  5. Looks like something my mom wears in the garden. Long enough to qualify as a mini-skirt and those sleeves are ridiculous. Sorry Mat, horrible fit imho. Kudos for trying something different though.

  6. Wow. Trendy mom you’ve got there, coda!

  7. Yeah man, your mom must be pretty on the pulse…
    Each to there own I guess…check out the other tees though normal slim fit, normal collar..
    The pic above is just a new style, longer length, bigger neck its a route we see tees going..but yeah each to there own.

  8. Yeah my mom is trendier than your mom. Don’t mind the sleeves on the slim fit at all… dig the b&w vibe too.

  9. Kudo’s for trying something different?/ Are there not enough?.. Are you guys from SA?

    @Coda/@Adam Listen guys its all about local brands and designers doing their thing, and promoting the industry as a whole, the more the merrier, it only creates more competition which is a good thing.

  10. Hey bro, the range is looking sick! Tee silhouettes r awesome too. Lahka

  11. dont take any notice of coda guys.. he be a hater on like.. everything.

    coda, you never explain why you dis stuff? at least explain your criticism so it can be constructive. saying random, uber subjective stuff.. is stupid. BECAUSE (see where im going here?), criticism is only effective when it is contextualized.

  12. I Am, Am I… and so on.

  13. @poop/anonymous coward: What part of “horrible fit” didn’t you understand? I think the length is too long and the sleeves are ugly. BTW those comments only applied to the design featured in this post – if you read my follow-up, I do like the other (slim fit) designs and I also said that I love the B&W vibe. I more than appreciate the value in constructive criticism; I deal with it daily.

  14. Cool guys this is the whole reason we have the done the 2 diferent styles/fits.. So that hopefully everyone can get something they like…
    Thanks for all the positive feedback and the constructive crits…

  15. coda – if you deal with criticism daily, then I suggest you chill on the ego and open yourself to this rationale instead of becoming annoyed.

    It seems you do not understand the premise of negative and constructive criticism. WHY do you feel it is a horrible fit? By what premise? By what standard? AND THEN, what would you do to improve the fit? And again by what standard would you suggest this feedback? Your subjective opinion is not solely acceptable in forming constructive criticism. Simply stating “i dont like’ etc etc, does not validate your feedback, or make it constructive. As a critic – which you are – you are expected to offer your opinion as to how to improve an idea in conjunction with your subjective opinion. Not venturing as to what you would suggest as an improvement. This is true cowardice.

    Fortunately good and bad design is quantifiable in may cases. Which allows for formal criticism, as you can state your opinion based on a set of standards and then use this same set of standards to form the premise of your suggestions. Something I feel, you as a regular comment maker on this and other blogs, could benefit from being aware of.

    Sure the recipient of your criticism has license to then retort, such is the nature of being a critic. But hey, you choose to be one and knowing the basics of your chosen avenues is mandatory. I’m sorry if making you aware of this offends your sensibilities.

  16. Wooohooo!

    Centre of an internet feud haha!

  17. @poop: my comments appear to be keeping you awake at night; I never realised they meant so much to you. But we’re well off topic now and not contributing positively to this post, so I’d be happier to continue the discussion elsewhere. Drop me an e-mail if you so wish.

  18. lol…
    that’s your feedback? lol?
    case closed.