Woolworths Love Button

For Valentines day Woolies is running a Facebook campaign – a petition to add a love button to Facebook. Basically when “signing” the petition, pictures are added to a user’s Facebook profile and tagged creating a “profile page takeover”/ banner using the new Facebook profile layout . There’s also the option to add a tag to your profile picture.

Check out the app here.

We’re not quite sure whodunnit – but we’re assuming Quirk or Gloo. Can anyone confirm?


  1. Clever little idea. But what’s the incentive for adding my name to the petition (other than the long shot of Facebook approving a Love button)?

  2. I believe the agency is Trigger.

  3. Also, in response to Ian, I don’t think the point here is that Facebook will actually do it, the point is that Woolies consumers are standing by an idea that Woolies has brought forward. This shows consumers that Woolies are forward thinking and more importantly thinking of them. Nice idea. (that being said, I’m not a massive fan of the design and layout…)