NATIVE & Net#work BBDO for Hunter’s

Hunter's Dry

In what we believe is the first world wide use of the new Facebook brand fan pages, here’s a clever use of the refresh button by NATIVE and Net#work BBDO Cape Town for Hunter’s that went up on their facebook page today. Have a go yourself –

Agency: NATIVE & Net#work BBDO Cape Townx
Copywriters: Net#work BBDO Cape Town – Johann Schwella, NATIVE – Mari Basson, Ashton Hayes
Art Directors: Net#work BBDO Cape Town – Kate Butcher, Ross Nieuwenhuizen
Creative Director: Net#work BBDO Cape Town – Alexis Beckett
Executive Creative Director: Net#work BBDO Cape Town – Ivan Johnson, NATIVE – Adam Whitehouse


  1. Nice work guys. Good team effort. Crack one open after a long week.

  2. Pretty random. no explanation on what to do when you arrive, where is the added value for me as a client?

  3. This is rather clever. Kevin, where is the added value for the client? Quite simple really, you now have a consumer base that is engaged with you, it’s called brand affinity. If I was a brand manager and my agency can get my consumers to repeat my pay off line back to me I’d be ecstatic. Case in point “I was so determined to get it! Awesome idea. Love the fact that Hunters refreshes like nothing on earth and that you had to refresh to get the image. Very cool :)”. Well done to the agencies for getting this right.

  4. Hahaha. I just got it. And I like it.