We want your opinion

10and5 wants your opinion - Lucas R Adams

Between 10and5 wants to know what you would most like hear about, when we’re busy interviewing designers.

Instead of just thinking for our dedicated readers – You guys and girls – we want to find out what most interests you, what questions get your creative juices flowing, and how detailed we should be about our interviews.

Questions like: “So how did you start out?” or “What drives your inspiration” could be the things you want to hear about, or it could be old-hat, either way we want to hear it from you first.. In the form of a comment that states the 3 most important questions you would want to hear/know about in our designer interviews.

Get set, go..


  1. i’d like to know some of the best ways freelancers manage their time, invoicing, and general business skills… thanks 10&5

  2. How do freelancers get clients? What materials do illustrators use (if not digital) and where to get them? Do they feel that they’re part of a design community and if so how does it benefit them?

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jess! Be sure to tell your friends to add their input! Hoping to get some serious interviews going soon.

  4. How do freelance designers find work if they don’t wear horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans?