‘Revenge of the Nerds’ by Big Wednesday

Habari Media is Africa’s biggest online media sales house. Each year they send out a calendar that not only functions as a media rate card, but also a showcase of the rising stars in the online industry. The brief to us was to conceptualise a theme for the 2011 calendar. Based on the fact that the online industry is finally receiving the recognition it deserves as powerful advertising medium in Africa, we developed the “ Revenge of the Nerds” calendar.

In it you won’t find with studs, babes, jocks or cheerleaders. Instead you’ll find techies, nerds, dorks, dweebs and squares. They’re this year’s biggest geeks. Thanks to them and the tireless efforts of point dexters everywhere, the days of name calling  are over and digital is the good-looking quarterback of the industry. The calendar is meant to be a salute to them and their hard work.

It also has an interactive element, whereby those who receive it can “geek up” those featured in it. The back of each page was designed as a postcard in the interest of getting the most out the paper we printed on.  So those who felt hard done by for not being selected, could motivate why they should be included next year. And, as the “geeked up” versions were found on the front of these postcards, they could be forward on to their rightful owners once we had gathered the information on the back”


Agency: Big Wednesday
Art Director: Marysia Makowska
Copywriter: Jake Bester
Photographer: Deborah Rossouw
Designers: Penny Thompson, Joshua Hilton Foster
Creative Director: Jake Bester

Between 10 and 5