Hanro Havenga 1

Featured: Hanro Havenga

Hanro Havenga 1

Hanro Havenga is a ‘freelance-ish’ photographer in Joburg. This is a series of his called Life Through The Fence.

About the piece:

We were able to break down our walls
But there’s still something keeping us apart
You can see, smell, study and reach the other side
Through the holes of our eyes
The darkness creeps up
Always wondering if things would be different
And this is how our thoughts are torn up
Believing that there is in actuality greener grass on their side
That being,
Still it keeps us dreaming
Thriving for one of the same heart
, Hence.
This is life through the fence.

This piece stating out individuality, while others roam clubs and scenes, they roam abandoned fields and tennis courts on the outskirts of Johannesburg.



Between 10 and 5