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Suzaan Heyns studio space 1

Made In Westdene: Suzaan Heyns

Suzaan Heyns studio space 1

For our newest series, Made In, we’ll be visiting creatives at their studios to give you a glimpse of where all the hard work goes down and the artistic genius materializes. Hopefully their creative spaces will serve as inspiration for your own. The first of the series is a look at fashion designer, Suzaan Heyn’s studio a few days before Joburg Fashion Week.

Q+A and Images by blad for Between 10and5

Suzaan Heyns 9

Without a doubt one of the highlights of Joburg Fashion Week was Suzaan Heyns’ “Die Vorm”. Never failing to astound, Suzaan did so again with a barrage of braided-browed models clad in anatomically inspired statement pieces. Behind the scenes was much like the site of a major dissection, but through this organized chaos Heyns managed to produce one of the ranges of the season.

blad: Where is your space?
Suzaan Heyns: It’s in a cottage just off my property in Westdene

b: Being so close to your home doesn’t it interfere with everyday living?
SH: Well, as with everything, there are pro’s and cons to it. The pro’s are that I’m able to have
my dogs lounging in the studio and it takes all of 2 seconds to get to work. The main con is
lack of privacy because every client or stylist comes to my home.

Suzaan Heyns studio space 2

b: What do you love about it?
SH: Really to be with my pets all day long. There’s also such a relaxed atmosphere – no
confined office space…I can sit with my feet in pool during lunch!

b: What’s the most inspiring corner and why?
SH: Definitely the magazine and book library for visual references and also the piles of fabric
and the machines – I get so excited to see what they produce.

Suzaan Heyns studio space 3

b: What’s the most vital component in a creative space?
SH: Good light and air. Minimization of clutter which seems idealistic, but we do a major
clean-up before leaving the studio each day. Really great music is imperative – I listened
mostly to Bossa nova leading up to the show.

b: Who would you happily allow into your space?
SH: Leonard Cohen, to serenade me as I draw patterns

Suzaan Heyns studio space 5

b: What’s the most inspiring colour?
SH: Flesh-tone nude.

b: What will your creative space never see?
SH: Water cooler gossip.

Suzaan Heyns studio space 6

b: What were the main influences in preparation for this show?
SH: Anatomical books and sketch books. Human anatomy and muscular and bone structures.

b: How many meters of fabric did you use?
SH: Easily between about 50 to 70m, but probably a lot more!

Suzaan Heyns studio space 4

This range and all of Suzaan’s key pieces will be available from her new shop on 9th Avenue,
Melville, JHB.

Suzaan Heyns studio space 7

Suzaan Heyns 8

The short film that was shot for and shown at Suzaan’s Joburg Fashion Week show and some behind-the-scenes pics will be up on 10and5 soonest. Keep a look out!

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