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First Choice Custard

A case study: First Choice


Last year Boomtown advertising created a TV campaign and redesigned the packaging for First Choice custard. This is what they did and the results of their creative strategy.

The Problem:

Despite being voted as the best tasting custard in a recent blind consumer taste test, First Choice custard had less than 5% share of the South African custard market. Whilst strong distribution channels for the product already existed, the awareness, perceptions, demand, and ultimately shelf space of First Choice custard were very low.

The Solution:

Boomtown revamped the packaging design to bring it more in line with the rest of the First Choice product range. The cleaner and more appetizing product design was engineered to stand out on shelf as the smoothest, richest, and creamiest looking custard on the market. Coupled with the packaging change, a TV campaign was created to highlight just how irresistible the product in fact is. The campaign line ‘if you’re going to get busted, get busted with First Choice custard’ was developed from the insight that many a custard lover can identify with – namely, that moment in the middle of the night when one makes sure that nobody else is around before reaching into the fridge, grabbing the open custard, and proceeding to squeeze a number of very large mouthfuls directly from the carton into ones mouth.

The Result:

First Choice custard realized record sales in the month immediately following the TV campaign and packaging change. Just one month after the above brand activities hit the market, First Choice sold significantly more custard than any previous month since the products inception some 10 years ago. An additional 100 000 litres of custard was sold in November 2010 – equating to a 70% volume growth, a 3% gain in market share, and an ROI (return on investment) of 200%! This remarkable performance has set the product on a massive growth curve and has laid a platform to seriously challenge even some of its most famous market competitors.

Of course everyone likes to see award-winning advertising work but we’re also interested in the campaigns that do amazing things for their brand, that are received well by the market they are created for and ultimately increase sales or brand awareness. If any agencies have case studies they’d like to share then please send them in to

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