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Grolsch Bar

Grolsch Melody

Grolsch Bar

While visiting the Grolsch bar at the Design Indaba expo last weekend, I wondered why the green Grolsch bottles hanging above the circular bar had various levels of liquid in them. How strange/lazy that they didn’t empty the bottles before using them as the main decorative feature! Then I found out about Grolsch melody, ah-ha!

It turns out, sound designer and composer, Shaun Michau, experimented with 200 empty bottles filled with water at different levels to create a melody. After discovering 7 distinctive notes in each Grolsch bottle, Shaun composed a melody especially for the brand and lucky visitors to the bar were treated to a musical rendition.

The absolute opposite of lazy, I should’ve known better.

Grolsch Bar - Shaun Michau

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