Mxolisi Mkhonza for tehPaperCut

Mxolisi Mkhonza for tehPaperCut

Mxolisi Mkhonza is a passionate after hours Graphic designer and full-time web content manager who is based in Mpumalanga. He studied Web & Application Development at the Free State Technikon, and has been compiling his personal design portfolio since 2008.

Mxolisi specializes in photo-manipulation using Adobe Photoshop as his preferred creative tool. His on a mission in search of that special connection that will hopefully land him some exposure, and possibly a chance to work for a respected creative agency that recognizes his skill.

We took a look and thought we’d help him out in his journey, buy showing off some of his pieces, sourced from his blog:


  1. Thanks for featuring me guys!


  2. gerald spencer

    well although a bit good its nothing we havent seen before. i saw his site and he needs to practice a bit of humility to get further. i read his tweets….a bit too arrogent. still some way to go

  3. Wow. Harsh words there, Mr Spencer.

    But thanks for checking my stuff out.